Information for Parents at Happy Days Childcare & Learning Centers of Northwest Indiana



Children are screened daily for any obvious signs of illness. If symptoms of illness are present, the staff will determine whether the child will be able to staff at the center.
If an illness prevents a child from participating comfortable in activities or creates a greater need for care than the staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children or if a child's condition is suspected to be contagious and requires exclusion as determined by public health authorities, then the child is made comfortable in a location where she or he is supervised by a familiar caregiver as the parent will be notified to pick up the child. Little children often ... Read more
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Dietary Concerns

Our lunch and snack menus are posted in the entrance area as well as in every classroom weekly. Breakfast, two snacks and a lunch are served daily at regularly scheduled times. Our menu follows the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional standards. We provide one third - two thirds of your child's daily nutritional needs. Meals and snacks are at least two hours apart than three hours apart. A copy will be made for parents if desired.
All children must be served a complete balanced meal each day. If any food must be substituted or withheld for dietary reasons or religious reasons, a doctor's note or religious leader's note must be on file at school station the restriction and reason for such.
Child Protection - Useful Information in Highland, IN

Mandated Reporter

All employees of Happy Days Child Care are mandated reporters. It should be noted that the protection of child is the responsibility of the community and that the law provides that anyone may make a report to the hotline. As professionals who work with children, mandated reporters are assumed to be in the best position to recognize and report child abuse and neglect as soon as possible. Mandated reporters are the state's "early warning system" to identify probable abuse early enough to avoid serious and long-term damage to a child.

Building Security and Access

Video surveillance is used to monitor all classrooms, playground and main office. Video is reviewed daily to ensure health and safety of children, staff, and family.
Our doors open at 6:00 am but staff personnel have to let parents into the second set of doors, unless you have an access code for entrance (Highland and Merrillville South locations). The first set of doors is generally locked by 7:00 pm. Any parents utilizing evening services must call center to alert staff or late arrival.


The State of Indiana requires that each child have a complete physical exam, performed with 30 days of their start date at the Center. The medical form is included in the enrollment packet must be on file prior to your child's attendance. Click here to obtain a copy.
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